Templates, tools & publications

Interested in adding resources for CEA members? Is there a template or tool missing from this list? Contact Cori Jackson @ cori.jackson@caenergyalliance.org to contribute or ask questions.


Document Templates

Members wishing to promote or provide CEA-related information as part of development, outreach and education activities may use the document templates provided below. Refer to the CEA Style Guide for more information on standards related to writing and publishing information on behalf of CEA or including CEA information as part of non-CEA sponsored activities. 

Inclusion of CEA information and logos in public documents requires review and approval prior to distribution. Please contact Rita Renner at Rita.Renner@caenergyalliance.org for more information. 


  • Daylight Harvesting for Commercial Buildings (early release) - This document is provided by the authors as an early release for CEA Members only. Comments and suggested edits are welcome. Please send comments to the author directly at CLTC@ucdavis.edu.

  • Title 24-2016 Acceptance Testing Checklist - This document was developed by CEA member Lawrence Lamontagne as a guide for installing contractors to ensure compliant installations and streamline the acceptance testing process.