Pilot for Utility Program Compliance Advocacy

CEA is launching a pilot to prove utility rebate programs that require assurance of compliance (permits are pulled, and closed, and installations HERS tested) in order for rebates to be paid will generate high levels of participation from licensed and certified contractors, and improvements in actual measured energy savings. This program directly supports SB 1414 and its goal to dramatically improve installation compliance for central air conditioning and heat pump systems. This pilot will also demonstrate multiple cost reducing strategies such as mobile and embedded EM&V, bundling of demand response with energy efficiency measures, and automated program administration. The pilot will include the following:

a.       Streamline online permitting

b.      HVAC compliance reconciliation

c.       Embedded EM&V (monitoring/DR modules,)

d.      Mobile EM&V (diagnostic tools from various manufacturers,)

e.       Mobile Video EM&V

f.        Demand response management

g.       Demand response infrastructure maintenance program

h.      Automatic fan controllers (various manufacturers,)

i.        Automated program administration

j.        Pay-for-performance remuneration

k.      User-accessible resource monitoring and analysis dashboards

l.      Contractor and technician training programs