HVAC Compressors - Serial Number Registration

Equipment that is sold to unlicensed and uncertified “installers” evades all efforts to ensure that California’s Energy Standards are followed or that customers get what they pay for. The simple way to close this huge loophole is to add language to the Energy Standards that requires HVAC compressors sold in California include a permanently affixed, barcode or similar California HVAC Registration tag. Registration numbers would be issued by the State and assigned by equipment manufacturers. Building permits could then include registration numbers. A software application could match registration numbers with building permits and identify numbers for which no permits were pulled. Tracking HVAC equipment would be a simple as tracking a package shipped by UPS and would be a function of the online permitting systems. Equipment sold to unlicensed contractors or contractors who did not pull permits and test installations would be readily traceable. The combination of equipment registration and online permitting would quickly make compliance close to universal.