Helping to Ensure 3rd Party, Quality Control Programs (TPQCP) HERS Inspections Gain Traction

The Energy Commission-certified Third-Party Quality Control Program (TPQCP) HERS inspection procedure is a more secure, efficient, and less expensive way to accomplish HERS testing on HVAC systems than conventional HERS testing. Through 100 percent wireless technology and automated data checking, the TPQCP enables a 1 in 30 inspection process as opposed to the 1 in 7 conventional HERS testing. The TPQCP was approved by the CEC because it is more accurate, reduces the cost of HERS testing, and makes fraudulent practices almost impossible.

As currently written, Code allows individual municipalities to reject TPQCP testing, which is simply due to word choice when the requirements were enacted. In using the word “May”, some municipalities interpret this an “optional” test mechanism and elect to accept only traditional processes with paper-based tests and requirements. The confusion created in the marketplace by this take-it or leave-it approach has nullified the potential gains in efficiency the program was intended to provide. A change of wording from “may” to “shall” would ensure that all municipalities accept TPQCP HERS testing. It would provide consistency as well as cost saving across the state. It would also result in more suppliers developing secure diagnostic systems, more TPQCP providers, and, most importantly, more contractors using highly accurate automated testing equipment.