Expanding Use of Embedded EM&V and Smart Diagnostic Tools

Expanding adoption of smart, internet connected evaluation, measurement and verification (EM&V) devices and data collection tools within the HVAC industry is a critical and necessary component of a modern HVAC industry. Such devices either measure or continuously monitor physical conditions such as temperature, refrigerant charge, air flow, or any of dozens of other metrics. Also inherent to these devices are secure internet connections and some degree of analysis by the computer application which receives, stores and acts on the data received from the devices.

Such a system can:

  • Measure a physical condition and/or the receive information from an electronic measuring or monitoring device

  • Store data;

  • Communicate to a local computing device (laptop, tablet, smart phone), router, or hub via a wireless technology such as Bluetooth, WIFI or radio frequency (RF);

  • Communicate between a local computing device, hub, or router to a central server via the internet;

  • Analyze and/or process data based on pre-determined and programmable criteria to determine the validity and accuracy of measurements taken;

  • Produce immediate feedback as to the validity and accuracy of measurements taken;

  • Produce raw data and statistical analysis of measurements taken;

  • Prevent and/or detect the purposeful alteration or corruption of measurement data by field personnel.