1/9/19: CEA Workshop

CEA members met on January 9, 2019 for a full day meeting and workshop. This in-person meeting was hosted by the University of California, Davis.

Meeting documents are provided below.

At this meeting, CEA also took some time recognize the contributions of several members as part of its 1st Annual Energy Awards.

Award Recipients:

  1. Joule Award: Kelly Seeger, Signify. Outstanding contributions to a technical initiative.

  2. Wavelength Award: John Busch, Leviton. Outstanding contributions in compliance, outreach and education.

  3. Eureka Award: Michael Jouaneh, Lutron. Outstanding overall contributions in 2018.

  4. Energy Bunny: Eric Taylor, GreenNetIOT. Outstanding energy and enthusiasm.

  5. Megaphone: Lawrence Lamontagne, Graybar. Outstanding communication and marketing support.