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Career Opportunities at the California Energy Commission (CEC)

As a collaborative partner with the CEC, CEA is pleased to offer specific information about professional opportunities with the CEC Staff for interested members. For general information, please visit the CEC Careers page.

Specific opportunities currently available that may be of interest:

Position: Energy Resources Specialist III (Supervisory)

 Description: Review the description here.

Leading the state to a 100% clean energy future.

Are you interested in a career that makes a positive impact on California and the world? Would you like to be part of a talented and passionate team committed to developing innovative strategies and recommending public policy solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiency, and reduce our dependence on petroleum? Are you prepared for an exciting challenge? If so, the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program is seeking exceptional people to build upon and shape California’s transportation energy future.

How to Apply:

 Step 1: Take the Assessment.

Step 2: Apply to the Position.

 Final Filing Date: Until Filled.