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2022 Building energy Efficiency Standards

CEA is working on identifying its key initiatives for the 2022 update to California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

The working list of member ideas for improvements to California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards can be downloaded here.

During February and April CEA workshops, members narrowed the list of its 30+ ideas down to just a few. Further consideration and refinement is necessary and CEA is working to narrow this shortlist to the top initiatives to pursue for 2022.

  • For the most current shortlist of ideas, click here.

Code Change Proposals

Code change proposals for California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards, Appliance Regulations and CalGreen code must meet CEC requirements related to cost effectiveness, commercial availability and energy savings.  


Fire - life - safety code and occupancy controls for egress lighting

California's Building Code supersedes its Energy Code. Per the building code, when a space or room is occupied, the entire path of egress from that space to the public way must be illuminated to at least 1 foot-candle (fc). Use of occupancy controls to reduce light levels during unoccupied periods is allowed, however, in low mode, lighting along the entire path of egress must remain at 1 fc or above. More information may be downloaded below including relevant code sections, determinations published by the fire marshal, and relevant definitions.