CEA Announces Two New Members, Set to Expand Mechanical Initiatives

The California Energy Alliance is pleased to  announce its two newest members, Enalasys Corporation and the Joint Committee on Energy and Environmental Policy. Eric Taylor, founder and CEO of Enalasys Corporation, and David Diaz of the Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 and Joint Committee on Energy and Environmental Policy, will work together to expand the mechanical branch of the Alliance. 

Reflecting on the addition of this segment of stakeholders, Co-Chair John Martin notes, “The potential for improving energy efficiency in existing buildings and homes represents one of the largest and most cost-effective distributed energy resources (DER) currently available to California. In most homes, the HVAC system is the single largest energy consumer. CEA recognizes the critical need to address mechanical systems, including HVAC, as a means to improve California’s energy landscape.”

Given CEA’s mission to participate in the development and implementation of pragmatic, environmentally and economically sound building energy standards, CEA welcomes these new members who will provide an expanded presence in the HVAC building space.

Enalasys is a California-based verification service provider (VSP) and developer of innovative energy efficiency products and services for the HVAC industry. The Joint Committee on Energy and Environmental Policy is a joint Task Force charged with the responsibility to monitor and influence energy and environmental policy in the State of California as it pertains to and impacts the heating, ventilating & air conditioning industry.